Environmentalism Through Innovation

ResqUnit - reducing the amount of ghost traps

Let’s reduce the amount of ghost traps!

Resqunit is a floating device that’s attached to fishing-gear, like lobster and crab traps.
If the trap goes astray and remains under water for a longer period of time (becoming a "ghost trap"), ResqUnit is released and floats to the surface.

Quote from Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature:
"About 2200 lobster traps are lost during the lobster season every year in the Agder-region alone (Andersen 2016). Over the years this amounts to a terrifying amount of traps. Similar figures are also found all over the planet, for example from Virgin Islands, USA, where annual losses are calculated at 10% (Clark et al 2012). The size of the problem is rather scary. For example, during a clearing action in Chesapeake bay in the United States, 32000 ghost traps held almost 32000 crabs"

Our product

Our goal

We want to reduce economic losses for both hobby and professional fishermen worldwide, while reducing the number of ghost traps and derelict fishing gear (DFG) currently threatening fish, crab and lobster stocks along coastlines across the globe. The ghost traps catches lobsters, crabs and fish in an eternal loop of suffering and death, where they are caught and becomes bait for new animals, also caught and dying. This is a terrible human-created environmental problem, and the scale is greater than anyone has dared to believe. Even in small coastal regions, thousands of traps are lost every year. After years in saltwater, the traps also dissolves into micro plastic, which is another horrible type of environmental pollution.

Watch our first prototype


Why ResqUnit?

Save money

Fishing equipment is expensive. We offer a great solution at a fair price, securing our customers a return on their investment.

Save the environment

The ocean is some places like a giant invisible landfill. Let’s do something about this and be responsible people.

Sustainable seafood stock

Let’s not waste good food. Millions of fish and shellfish starve to death in ghost traps every year Delicious food that could otherwise have ended up on our dinner plates.

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